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For foreign travel, Quality of Ruling the masses, Charming and attractive personality, Qualities of Sun to be distinct in authority, Motivational level and Self – Image and esteem are increased, Removes Fear of fire, theft and enhances strong actions, Guards against Phobia and many sinful acts committed. If the wearer is free from Heart and Head diseases, then it can be used as remedy for Vastu Dosha. If this Rudraksha with Mercury Beads is hung with the ceiling, the positivity in the house is greatly increased. Improves Digestive System by removing Toxic substances from the Alimentary Canal. Much beneficial for improving Blood Circulatory System. The wearer gets auspicious effects as that of “ASHAVAMEGHA YAGYA” Beneficial for Administrators, Persons in Authority in Government like Ministers and Politicians. For gaining Power, Authority and Pleasure.

Health Benefits :- Diseases of Eyes, Head, Skin, Bowels, Bones, Spine, Thymus Gland, Diseases of Heart, Blood, Blood Vessels (Arteries and Veins) Diaphragm, Rickets, Osteoporosis. Night blindness, Stones in Kidney or Gall Bladder, (Stone Problems),