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For Gains from foreign land, successful Business, Prosperity, Right Judgements, Wisdom, Knowledge of strong vocabulary, Must be worn to fulfill all ambitions, Adds to Power for Meditation and Yogic activities, Protection against accidental death, Favours from Government. It increases Self – Confidence, Concentration, Span of Attention, Winning capacity over opponents, Enhances sphere of happiness, Individuals seeking blessings of Hanuman Ji and ‘SIDDHIS’ should wear 11 Mukhi Rudraksha. Favourable for Politicians, Ministers and Heads of institutions etc.

Health Benefits :- Heart Ailments, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Protects from accidents, For Body Pain/Backache, Chronic Alcoholism, Prevents miscarriages.

11 Mukhi
It is believed that by wearing Rudraksha bead/rosary, the wearer will have the protection and blessings of Lord Shiva.
1st STORY:
Lord Shiva was extremely grieved on death of ‘SATI’. Wherever tears of Lord Shiva fell, Rudraksha tree grew. Hence, all types of miseries of the individual are annihilated by wearing Rudraksha.
2nd STORY:
According to a Hindu legend - Once Lord Shiva opened his eyes after a long period of yogic meditation, upon seeing the unrighteous conduct of demon TARAKASUR'S SONS, He developed strong feelings and destructed them. Because of strong feelings He shed tears. At the place where Shiva’s tears fell, trees grew and developed as ‘RUDRAKSHA TREE’
Rudraksha is a FRUIT of tree whose Botanical Nomenclature is ELAEOCARPUS ganiturs roxb. (NOTE – First name is Generic Name, Second is Species Name and Third is Sub Species name). Rudraksha seeds are covered by ‘PULP’ and an outer husk of blue when fully ripe. So, it is called “BLUE BERRY” also.
Rudraksha finds its wide applications in the modern times for - Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic and Modern Medical Practices, Alternate Therapies, Clinical Psychology, Remedial and Medical Astrology etc.
Rudraksha is recommended as Remedial Measure on the basis of astrological parameters, placement of Planets, Birth Sign, and Birth Nakshatra. Also a specific Rudraksha --- as remedy for Inauspicious Planetary Combinations in Horoscope and fulfilment of desires etc. For which Planet(s) remedies should be done depends upon:
(i) Sign in which a particular Planet is placed
(ii) House (BHAVA) in which Planet is placed BY PRE Determine which Planet is causing problems/obstacles/ hindrances, then accordingly go for Remedies.
In every situation, Rudraksha produces auspicious effects. EVEN IF THE PLANET IS YOGAKARKA OR/AND OTHERWISE STRONG - Rudraksha can be adopted as remedial measure because Rudraksha minimizes only the adverse effects of Planet and NOT auspicious effects. Effects of Rudraksha are felt within 3 months and complete effects are felt within one year. FOR FAVOURABLE AND QUICK RESULTS -Wear a specific Rudraksha for a specific purpose. Bigger and many Rudraksha produce more and quick results. Rudraksha never produces any inauspicious effect. Modern research reveal that Rudraksha possesses ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATIONS which influences Human Physiology -Peace, Prosperity and Harmony.
Any individual irrespective of Sex, Age and Moon Sign (JANAM RASHI) can wear Rudraksha. Rudraksha Rosary can be of 1 to 108 beads (any number) can be worn. DAYS Rudraksha can be worn according to the day of relevant Planet for which it is worn. Monday is most auspicious for this purpose.
Rudraksha can be worn on:
Day of Lunar Eclipse Amavasya or Purnima in Pushap Nakshatra Purna Tithi (Panchami, Dashmi, Purnima)
Wash the Rudraksha in PANCHAMRIT or RAW MILK, GANGA JAL and then in Mustard oil. Worship Rudraksha in SHIVA TEMPLE procedurally with LIGHTED LAMP (DIYA OF DESI GHEE) and incense stick (DHOOP). Chant “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA MANTRA” and planet's beej mantra jaap 108 times and wear the Rudraksha. Strung it in accordance of the color of planet, wear on arm or around the neck. It can be kept in pocket, bag, near work area also.
The individual should wear a fresh/unused Rudraksha and NOT the Rudraksha already worn by someone. The thread can be of the color of Planet for which Rudraksha is worn, e.g. Yellow for Jupiter. Chain of Gold or Silver can also be used for this purpose. IF RUDRAKSHA BREAKS Keep it in flowing water (JAL VISARJAN) and wear new one procedurally. Generally, Rudraksha should be put off at night and be worn in next morning after taking bath.
Disclaimer :
These remedies and healing are considered to be complimentary therapies and are not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that these therapies will cure any physical, mental or psychological condition of the user. Because of photography, the actual product might look different in color, shape & size.